To Buy or Not To Buy!

My digital camera, a Canon Powershot 10.1 megapixel, broke early July. Ever since then, I have been looking and researching cameras, trying to find one I like. Do I want to go with a compact point and shoot? Something a like my Canon? Or do I want to try a D-SLR?

First, I want to say, I loved everything about my Canon except for the size. It's not a camera you can stick in your purse for a night out on the town. Let's be honest. That is when some of the best candid pics of you and your friends happen! I wouldn't bring it out for fear I would break it or lose it. And where the heck would I put it? I can't leave it around my neck while I try to dance! I loved the speed, ease of use, and different functions that it had built right into it. I've used it on all sorts occasions and rarely come out with a bad shot.

Pretty much the reason's stated above are the reasons I would go with a compact point and shoot. Then I found out I would have to choose between an ion battery or double a's. No way on Earth would I be stuck without a way to recharge my camera fast! How many times have you been out sight seeing and your camera dies? I wanted the double a batteries so I could pack spares and not miss a shot. Of all the models I've looked at, Nikon wins hands down. But even that compared to what I had paled in comparison.

Looking and SLR's, I'm lost. I want to be able to use all the functions my new camera has. Would this kind be to hard to figure out? Would I need to take a class just to work my camera? I am not one of those people that can read something and understand it right away. I do much better if someone shows me how to do it and explains things simply. I'm not an idiot. That's just my learning style. I'm an amateur photographer. I like to take stills, poses, and candids. I love taking funky and unique pictures. This type of camera would allow me to do that. I think I need to go camera shopping and try the camera's "hand's on" to see if this would fit me.

The camera that is winning in my mind is the newer version of the Canon Powershot that I had. I already know how to use it. I love that fact that the LCD screen is variable. It has all the functions I want and it takes great pictures. It sounds like it should be a no brainer. I am one of those people that need to research big purchases and know I'm getting the most for my money. Until I feel confidant in that decision, I'll keep debating.

With a new camera, I want a new photo editing program. I want one that can do all sorts of cool stuff and really enhance the pictures I take. I was looking at one online and really liked it. Until I seen the price. $699!!! I don't even know if I'm willing to spend that much on a camera, let alone software! So, any suggestions for an easy to use, reasonably priced program would be appreciated!

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The Unknown Grandfather

Today my grandpa, Elmer Becker, passed away. I am sad that he died. Not because he was a great man whom I will miss, but because I never got to know whether he was a great man or not. I've never met the man.

My grandma and him divorced long before I was born. Family stories go that he was a drunk that had no problem raising his hand to either his wife or his children. I grew up hearing my dad's story about when his dad threw him out a window for putting too much ketchup on his plate. When I lived in Cold Spring, I found out more about him. The man who owned the store where I rented my first apartment knew him. My grandma and him owned a gas station/bar in town. He said that both of my grandparents liked to drink. My grandpa did have a temper, but when he was sober, he was a good man. He told me a story of when a man fell into the river and my grandpa went in after him and pulled him out. I guess my grandpa lost his shoes in the process!

I know that everyone has a past and most include things that we may not be proud of. I don't judge this man I never met. I feel empathy towards him for not getting to know the kind of adults his kids turned out to be. For never getting to know his grand and great-grandkids. I looked him up a couple of times and was going to contact him. That's when my aunt told me she had and that he did not want anything to do with anyone. He had remarried and had kids with his second wife. That is the only life he wanted to be a part of. I took her statement at face value and didn't press the issue. Now I don't have the chance. I would like to meet my 1/2 aunts/uncles and any cousins I may have. If only once, so that I can learn more about this man that helped create my dad. I would think that they would want to meet my grandpa's "first" family.

I'm going to keep an eye out for his obituary. Since I never got to see him in life, death may be my only chance.

I don't want my kids to ever have a grandparent die not knowing them. I've seen it to often. Now I'm living it. I don't ever want them to go to a funeral thinking " I didn't even really know this person." I am incredibly fortunate that I was close to the grandparents I've lost thus far. Not that I would wish to lose them, but that I don't have any regrets of not knowing them. I spent time with them all. Helped care for them when I could. Really talked to them and got to know them as a person. Not just (excuse the way I'm wording this) "old people" or ancients. They were all young once. They all have a story to tell. They have been through everything we have, are, or will go through. They are the keepers of the past, full of wisdom. Sometimes, they are our biggest role models in this thing we call "life".

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