Head Ultrasounds and Radiology Classes

We had a full day of appointments for Tripp today. He had a head ultrasound to see how well his shunt is working and if his hydrocephalus is under control. A renal ultrasound to check his kidneys and make sure we don't have to start cathing him to empty his bladder. Then we met with Peter (Dr. Nagib's right hand man) who is with neurosurgery to go over the results of head ultrasound. Good news is his head is growing at a steady and normal rate and is also a normal shape, which is not always the case when you have extra fluid on your brain. His cognitive function is right on track for his age. Bad news is that his ventricles are bigger than last night. But there are some silver linings to that, too. We have been a cesspool of germs and seem to have caught every bug we could this winter. Tripp is still getting over a double ear infection and an RSV-like illness. Being sick can cause your ventricles to get bigger. (Not sure if this is true in adults, too, or what causes it... Is it something to do with your lymphatic system? I would be interested to find out. Any of my nurse or PA friends know?) His ventricles are bigger, but maintaining their shape, not ballooning out like they normally do if it's the hydrocephalus causing it. And he's acting well, so they are not too concerned. But we were reminded that 100% of VP shunts placed before the child is a year old will fail. (Although, they said every now and again, a kid slips through, so we are still crossing our fingers!) He will be rechecked in 4 weeks and if his ventricles are still big, or if something happens that make us concerned between now and then, he will have a shunt revision. We are praying that it's just the infection causing this and everything will go back to normal by then!

 Next, we went to see Dr. Marker. He's pleased with Tripp's progress would also like to see him back because of the extra fluid. Darn it! We had been doing so good with making it to two month appointments.

 Our last appointment of the day was at Gillette's to check on Tripp's AFOs. Now he has not been in any kind of bracing since he was hospitalized for cellulitis February 27th. We had to wait for his wounds to completely heal before we could even think of trying to put them back on. Well, Saturday, his feet were looking pretty darn good and I knew that I needed to try before our appointment today. Three hours in the AFOs on Saturday and his feet are still red today. Dr. Sundberg decided to modify them and move where the straps go across his feet since that is where the breakdown happens.  We need to start having him wear the braces again, starting in short intervals and working our way up. I am skeptical that they will work for him. I want them to sooo bad! I believe the Ponseti method works for club feet and I think this will give him the best chance at permanent correction, but I’m filled with doubt that AFOs are the right choice for him. At least these ones. His skin is so darn fragile that I think he’s just going to break down in new areas. I’ll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed, though.

Now I’m trying to study for two exams on radiology. I really don’t know if I should have taken this course. I’m beyond lost. The amount of science behind x-rays is staggering and I’m bored out of my mind reading about it. I’m like most people out there, if I’m not interested in something, I have the hardest time concentrating on it. As you can tell by me writing this, I’m very good at procrastinating. I can’t put it off any longer. The exams are going to close in a couple of hours and I need to finish them before that happens. J

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