Sick Days

If I had one of those magnets on my fridge that says "Today I feel..." and then you have to find the face that matches your emotion, I would look for the one with the ice pack on the head and a thermometer in the mouth. I don't get sick often. I get headaches, migraines, the occasional cold or 24 hour stomach bug. But I rarely get knocked on my butt sick as I have been the past few days.

Yesterday, I called in sick to work. Me. I NEVER call in sick!! I like my job, I like my paycheck, and my conscience forbids me to call in when I'm not sick to have a fun day. (Even though I want to so bad at times!) I knew after being up all night coughing, blowing my nose, and feeling like a sumo wrestler had taken up residence on my chest, that I would not be able to go to work. I called in and then called the Doctor. I found out that I not only have a sinus infection, I also have a bronchial infection! So I am taking an antibiotic and got some prescription strength cough medicine, which has not touched my cough that is now giving me pounding headaches.

I am not the type of person to lay around all day doing nothing. Especially when I will be going on vacation shortly and have a million things on my "to do" list that need to be done. But I have not had the energy to do anything but lay around and catch up on the Discovery Health, Documentary, and History channel programs. Not to mention, eat mint chocolate chip ice cream for my meals when Kenny isn't home to make me chicken noodle soup!

I was able to find a girl to work for me today (Thanks a ton, Ruth!) so I didn't have to call in sick. Tomorrow is my scheduled day off seeing as how I have to work the weekend. Please, pray for a speedy recovery so I can be ready to take on the world (or at least stay awake for 8 hours) on Saturday when I have to go back to work. :)

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Finally, after weeks of clouds and rain, it's SUNNY!! I'm so glad to have the weekend off so I can enjoy some much needed R&R with my hubby. We're gonna grill and just sit outside soaking up the sun. It is fishing opener this weekend, so we thought about taking the boat out for the first time this summer. Who knows if we will, though. The lake gets super crowded! I hope you all have a great weekend!

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