Here I am. Another day gone by with my brain going ten thousand miles an hour and all I can think about is how I really need to start blogging again. Or start a journal. Or see a therapist. Either which way you slice it, I need to ramble on and on about everything that's in my head and all the vast nothingness that doesn't make sense even to me.

 It's a little past 1 a.m. and I have a packed day ahead of me tomorrow. I have the day off of work, which I'm glad for. Lunch with my wonderful mom-in-law. Some much needed errand running followed my a 1st birthday party for a special little girl. Hopefully the lawn will get mowed and laundry will find time to wash and fold itself. We'll see. :-)

 Work has been boggling my mind. One day I feel like I'm indispensable, the next, I'm worried I could be fired. Unlike so many folks, it's not because there isn't work for me. It's not knowing where I stand.

 This is why I may need a therapist. I could just be paranoid. Is it a woman thing? Or just a mentally ill woman thing? Do you ever get that paranoid feeling like nothing you do is right? Everyone is judging you, talking bad about you? Sometimes I feel like I fall so short of expectations that I'm failing all those that count on me. Other times, I'm so afraid to admit that I feel this way because then everyone will really know how fragile I am. How much I doubt myself...

Enough writing therapy tonight. Breath in. Breath out. Tomorrow is a new day.

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