Happy Birthday, Kenny!

There have been a million different times I wanted to sit down and write. If for nothing more than to get something off my chest. I know it sounds funny to those who know me, but I really try hard to keep my tongue in check and not rant about people or things that annoy me. If I didn't I would be writing everyday, sometimes twice:) I think if I don't have anything interesting to say, I won't write anything. But really, saying nothing is way more boring than just popping in for a paragraph or two!

Today (March 27th) is my wonderful husband's 30th birthday. I am so grateful for him. How the heck did I get so lucky as to land him?! He's an amazing person and an amazing husband. He's always there to listen to me, to hug me when I need it, to make me laugh.

I love how he's such a big kid at heart. For his birthday, we went to an arcade and then a water park. His 30th birthday, mind you! He has his own toy room that is painted red on the bottom and white on top with a Spiderman border separating the two. He has a lot of toys from his childhood and a whole bunch of Spiderman stuff in there. There are also bunk beds with Spiderman bedding on them! We have one bathroom done in rubber duckies and another in cartoon sea creatures. Our computer room has Ariel all over the walls. Right now, Kenny is sitting in front of his computer, wearing his marvel comic pajama pants and Spiderman shirt playing a video game. I have to mention that we are the only two living here. No little kids to account for any of the toys, cartoons and movies, or decor we have! Of course, in about 8 weeks, that will change!

Which brings me to the next reason I am so in love with my husband- He's going to be a wonderful dad. He's already incredible with my nephew's and niece. He has been so supportive and attentive to me during this entire pregnancy. He's gone to all my doctor's appointments with me. I feel so blessed knowing that, God forbid, anything were to happen to me, our child would not lack ANYTHING! I'm not just talking material things, but I know she wouldn't lack anything emotionally. I already know that she's going to be "daddy's girl". I can't blame her. Who wouldn't look up to this man with out anything but admiration?

Kenny is the "whole package". Not only is he fun, and loving, and funny, he's also uber responsible. He's a hard worker with a good job. He's definitely a provider for his family. He's money smart. He's honest and always holds true to his word. He's a good person, thru and thru.

Happy Birthday, Kenny! I can't wait to spend your next thirty years with you!

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