Last day of school

Today is my baby girl’s last day of kindergarten. In a lot of ways, her first year of Catholic school has been harder than her first year of life. We have had a myriad of changes to contend with. Most have been good, some have made us a grow, some have taught us what we want to strive not to be or do. Without a doubt, I want to get organized over the summer and have a much better routine in place for first grade!

One of the biggest things I noticed, and I spent time with other parents/friends talking about, was how spiteful and two-faced some of the kids could be. I am lucky in that I can work part time, which lets me volunteer in the school library and go on field trips with the kids occasionally. I see the kids when they aren’t always at their best. When they don’t let everyone play, or say mean things, or dare another student to be mean to someone. I’ve been the parent that dries tears when my daughter was left out. I’m not going to sit here and act like I’m Mother Theresa. I know I am not a role model when it comes to be the nicest person on the planet. But that’s my point. As I was talking to a friend about this, the realization hit me in the face like a two by four. Where do they learn this behavior? Where are they finding these mean words to say to each other?? Us!

I am so dang guilty of sitting down with my sister, my friends, or my husband and venting. While I try to make sure my kids are out of ear shot if it’s about stuff they shouldn’t hear, I don’t always think cover my words when I talk about work, or bad drivers, or fill in the blank of whatever you may complain about while making supper. I do make every effort not to speak negatively about my spouse, family, teachers, classmates, classmate’s parents, etc. in front of my children. For one, they are like drunken parrots without filters. They will repeat whatever you say in front of them. Especially if you tell them to keep it a secret. Second, I don’t want my negative feelings towards someone to effect how they feel about them. And third, they don’t understand adult issues; They are not adults. Pretty simple. But they do realize that when I get together with another adult, we talk. And we usually end up talking about other people, be it people we know, politicians, musicians, actors, etc. Makes you think about the quote that is usually attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt, doesn’t it? “Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.

So my resolution this summer is to be kinder in my words and my deeds. When I talk, I want to be able to discuss big ideas and have grand adventures. I want to laugh and explore with my kids. I want to discuss things that matter and teach them we don’t have to like everyone, but we should be kind to them. 
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